Rubbing one out with the blinds open

If I sit on my couch there's only one house that can see me, and the dude that lives there has to be looking out the only window that can see in my living room - I have a table in front of it so nobody walking or driving by (kind of a slow side street) can see in - but there's been nights where I'll watch p***, keep the blinds open, and will for sure see him in the room, kinda see the blinds open a little in his window, can for sure tell he's watching & it gets me off for some reason. I'm as straight as it gets, so IDK why that does it, but the thought of him seeing in my window while I watch p*** and j*** off is crazy hot to me - I know every dude does it, and it's a no-brainer, you get hard, you stroke your d***, you blast a load, repeat - and we've all been perfecting it since we were old enough to get hard, but this is different for some f***** up reason, letting him see me is my new favorite way to rub one out, it's f***** up but I don't really care, ha.

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  • You should get a video of yourself jerking off, split screen it with a shot of the window when he's looking out watching you.

  • I worked nights in the police department. A girl would open the window and get my attn. She would strip and dance around. From there finger her self with one foot on the window sill. I found it hot until I found out her age. I told her mom to stop her from doing this. Someone might get confused and go to jail.

  • Yeah, nothing like that, I'm old enough, he's old enough, not another person no matter what can see in - but yeah, that scenario you talked about is pretty dodgy, jail time for any of that isn't a good option.

  • I like how you have to add I am str8 really so glad you made that clear cause I wouldn't want to think your a gay man

  • See that I replied to another similar comment (probably not, too busy not reading anything outside your small box) ? Was just saying usually wouldn't be another dude watching me that got me off - everyone's so f****** touchy about everything, get a f****** grip asshat.

  • Be careful you just might see yourself in p*** if he is watching you he could be recording you .
    When your outside dose he ever drive by and look at you and wave ?

  • Doesn't really drive by 'cause he lives right across the street - he backs in his driveway every night after work, and if I'm in the living room I'll see his headlights. If I feel like jerking off I'll give him a minute to get inside, open my blinds, put on some p*** & see what happens, probably do that 3-4 nights a week at this point.

  • I got news for you. You're not 'straight as f***'

  • Ha, yeah, I know, not taking that too much as a slam. For sure like it, so you're "right as f***" probably.

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