Xmas party

I used to live in Greenville S.C , and I had regular fwb that I would get together with her when I could. The s** we would have was always hot and at times she would surprise me with wanting to try new things. We had plans to get together around Christmas but are plans were uncertain due to family coming in for the holidays. So she called me up saying I don’t want us to f*** till this Sunday, I said what why?? She told me that she was ready to explore one of my fantasies and said it will be worth the wait. It was extremely hard not getting together with her at that time. We f***** everyday when I would get off work or she would suck me off and swallow. I waited and finally Sunday came! I picked her up and she told me she reserved a room at this hotel downtown. We get into the room and our clothes come off immediately, she goes to my d*** and gives me the sloppiest and passionate b******* I ever received from her. She gets up goes to her bag and pulls out a pair of handcuffs. Gives me a evil smile and said she was ready, she walks over to this table then lays on top of it. Handcuffed herself to the leg of the table... I then come over and lubed up my d*** then put some on her a******. I opened the blinds enough because if anyone could see us I wanted them to. Just so happens there was a office Xmas party that was going on right below us.. any loud sounds of anything would have them look up. I slide my d*** right in her ass and the moan that came out of her was so f****** hot. I started f****** her even harder and the thumbing sounds of course made the people at the Xmas party look up. Some were shocked while some were just in complete shock and some smiled and I could tell they were getting turned on by the look on their faces. I could feel myself getting close , I quickly undid one of the cuffs and she got on her knees to catch all my c**. I covered her lips b****** and she put her lips back on my d*** to suck everything else out of me. It was a great time and we f***** 3 more times. It was a turn on letting that many people watch me f*** my friend.

Feb 21, 2021

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