Like being watched

My neighbor and I have a relationship of a different sort, He is mid 40's and I am 19, I still live in my parents basement and for years my neighbor has been watching me.
I realized it about 4 years ago and at first I was a bit weirded out but now I can only get off when I know he is watching, Always with the lights on in my room and off in his, I don't know if his wife is aware or not but I have been letting him watch me change and play with my self and with others for years.
I recently started dating a guy and he always closes my blinds when we are hooking up, I lay there looking at the window wishing the blinds were open so he could watch me and the only times I have gotten off is when I actually got up, Opened the blinds and got back into bed, My boyfriend has no idea why I do it but I told him I feel claustrophobic with them closed since we are in the basement.

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  • I am 14 and the bedroom window is about parallel to my neighbor's small bathroom window. He is may be about 60 yo, good health and active. Occasionally I cannot but look through his window and see either he is having a shower or shaving with light on. I guess he also watches me and often crossed our eyes. Lately, he will put off light and look through his small window for sometime. I can see easily the indirect light that come through his adjacent room that he is there. Last few month I have planned to play with him. When he is there, I switch on the light of my room and draw open a part of the curtain. I slowly undress but keep my bra and panties on, walk around and show him as if I am busy in the room. This goes on for quite sometime. Since last two months or so, he started to play hand gestures drawing my attention. I too responded waving my hands and the one is quite suggestive, he will roll his fingers on to his palm and run two finger from other hand as if in f****** fashion or sucking his middle finger! I does intrigue me and get me hot. I am thinking of putting off my bra to show him my 32C b**** in a flash. Any suggestion from anyone having similar experience?

  • Many years ago, I was working on a house. I would get to work early to set up what needed to be done. Next door was a house that sat down about ten feet from the one I was working on. One morning as I drove up, I noticed a light turn on in the basement of the house next door. I could see into the room and noticed a woman in her mid 20's walking around and then undressing to take a shower. It was easy for me to see her, but I was sure she did not see me at least after I turned off my headlights. Not long after her shower, she would go to work with her father in the city. Each day after for a few days I saw her. I don't think she did it on purpose but I will never know.

  • I would not only but storm in your house to brutally destroy your tiny ass and would keep on treating you as my personal s** toy

  • Omg ! Is this you Mia? This sounds just like my neighbors daughter.
    She was easy on the eyes at an early age. Her senior year she was way hotter than her mom. Filled out completely in portion of her body. Gorgeous with nice full hips and b****. She started to leave her window blind open. Our upstairs windows met and I would pretend to be working with on my computer and watch you walk around your room naked and mostly in your sexy little panties. Your suntan lines were the hottest. You would let me watch you get undress out of your cheerleader outfit. I was so worried you would reject me watching. That was until you got ready to go to bed every night you would close the blinds then smile at my window. Till finally we got our chance to talk at our pool and we hit it off. You liked that I was older and kept in very well shape. We planned my sneaking off to be with you your Freshman and sophomore years in college. You met Brett and you got serious but you still wanted to see me Welcome back home 2019

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