I must confess when hubby goes to work in the morning I get very h**** when the mailman comes up the path. He passes by my bedroom window and I put on a little show for him. No one can see in my bedroom unless you stand outside the window. With my blinds up and curtains open I stand with my back to the window and watch the mailmans reaction in my wardrobe mirror. I normally wear a pantycorselette and dark pantyhose and pretend to fold up some clothing while he strolls past. One time he stopped and staired in at me but he did not know I was watching him. I was getting very wet as he was stairing at my bum. He was only there for a few seconds and as soon as he had gone I had to m*********. A few days later when the same mailman came past my window I stood with my back to the window again but was naked and bending over to make the bed. I'm sure he saw my wet p****. I also left my d**** on the window sill to attract his attention. What us 64 year old women get up to sometimes is so naughty.

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  • I wish I would catch naughty housewives flashing me from their bedroom windows when I deliver junk mail. You would have made me c** in my jeans.

  • If I was your mailman I would have it all ways with you by now. I bet you are one of these women who leave their dirty panties on the bathroom floor when you know workmen are coming.

  • I worked for the post office. No matter how much you entice him, he's got a job to protect. One report and he could get fired. If you are so in to him, meet him at the door and let him know you are available AFTER he gets off work. Don't expect the guy to risk it all for a quickie at your house.

  • Wow, if I was your postman. I would help you fold but it would be your juicy wet flaps I would fold back and and lick your c*** and then, stick the d**** up you, then f*** your mature c*** while gripping your saggy t*** till I spunked deep into your c***

  • You are such a dirty boy and need a good spanking. I would put your naked butt over my knees and spank you until you c** over my legs.

  • So do you want to meet

  • As long ad I can lick your saggy c*** and t*** after

  • Id love to be spanked by you and s**** over your legs

  • That is funny and hot at the same time ! My mail man is very young around 20 years old , When ever I am outside and he drives by I always smile at him and he gives me a wink !

  • My aunt baby sat me while my parents worked. She was married and young. The mail man did door delivery at the farm. He screwed her many days. I told her years later I remembered that and it shocked her. I told her I wondered what they were doing and could see them in the bed room. She ask me to never tell her husband. The mail man was an old BF of hers. She just loved how he did it.

  • While your husband is working to let you afford those clothes you wear for the mailman, you are doing this? Get a job you lazy ass!

  • I wish i was your mailman.the dirty things i would have came up with to get your attention

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