Killed My Dog

My dog keep barking told him to stop and it wouldn't stop barking !!
The barking drove me nuts !
Then I started fantasying on killing it .
Well one day I just snapped and killed him !
I rap a plastic bag over his head and suffocated .
Now the place is quiet and I miss my dog , what have I done !
Maybe I will get another one that dose not bark .

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  • I hope you are trolling because that is really messed up and you should get help. Poor dog. RIP

  • You stupid b**** thats f***** up. Imagine how the dog must of felt that its owner was killing it. This is why i hate so many people in this world.

  • You shouldn't get any other pets. In fact, don't have kids. Anyone prone to violence when bothered with what amounts to inconvenience is prone to get violent again, where they think they have a physical advantage over the source of their anger.

    Go seek some anger management training. You definitely need help. If you don't get it, I can guarantee you that you will get violent again, hurt someone or something else, and very likely will end up in jail if you haven't already.

    I don't mean to sound harsh, but neither did your dog. Please, for your own sake and for the sake of those around you, get whatever help you need to be better able to deal with your anger.

  • Oh my goodness you act as if I am one step away of being a serial killer and yes I know all the story's about how serial killers start off by killing animals then people . I can tell you I have only killed one dog , poison another dog killed my fish thrown a rock at a cat , that is ALL !
    Oh and by looking at me you would never pick me out in a crowd , I look like an innocent girl that loves animals , I just snap on them if they trigger me .
    I'm not going to seek help because then the therapist would report me HELLO !!

  • Wut you do with the dead dog? also wut breed, lapdog p*** me off so much sometime.

  • Took it to a Veterinary Hospital that takes dead dogs after hours , they took my dog , I had a , Golden Retriever .

  • So if I knew who you were and I killed you,would it matter? Would you feel it? People that kill animals are extremely sick in the head. Some people that think its normal to kill animals think its also normal to kill others. Soooo with that being said b**** you don't need any f****** animals

  • People give away there so call family pet FREE on craigslist oh they really care so much that they are to lazy to take it to a shelter .
    And your tell me you never killed an animal ?
    Sorry but that is BS I bet you eat meat , fish , eggs , chicken , lobster , shrimp shall I go on ?
    if you bought it your part of the problem you killed it . Ha your just as bad as me

  • Good God, what a weak-ass comment ^this^ is. How many cows and chickens have you chased down and bagged in order to eat them? Have you gone to a chicken farm and beaten the hens for their eggs? And fish, lobster and shrimp? We need to wait for them to surrender.....or commit suicide? These things are neither physical equivalents nor moral equivalents. It's a stupid, retarded argument by a stupid, retarded criminal: you. And no........none of us is "just as bad" as you. You are much MUCH worse. And much MUCH sicker.

  • a very very sick f***

  • If I am such a bad person hate to think what you think of people who eat Dogs and Cats . I just googles how many countries eat cats and dogs 9 .
    And yes USA is on the list !

  • The fact that a particular thing happens, and that other people in the world do that thing, doesn't mean that the thing is acceptable or that it should be done. It just means that there are other people in the world who are equally wrong. And yes, equally bad.

  • You really need help. Professional help. Lots of it. And soon. Please don't get another pet, not of any kind.

  • Why do I need help ? Everyday people kill animals why is a dog any different it is an animal it's not like I killed a person . I want a dog that dose not bark or I will just muzzle it .

  • Go get some help you f****** freak. You disgust me.

  • No, "people" do NOT kill their pets everyday. Not only is it a bad idea and an act of unforgiveable cruelty, it's a crime in every state of the U.S. Yes, you read that correctly: it's a crime. You need much more help than you could possibly get online (much less in this little space), and you need to go visit with a licensed professional about your anger and outbursts, and how to develop a better perspective.

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