Grown man, into young teen girls.

I think constantly about girls aged 13 through 16. They turn me on way more than older girls and women. I am single and good looking but I have given up dating females over 18. Nothing compares to young teen girls. I guess I'll have to settle for masturbation while looking at photos. There is nothing hotter than a slim 13 or 14 year old girl in tight shorts with small b****.



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  • Let me guess, you're Muslim ?

  • You would be considered normal in most of the world. Men are naturally attracted to girls that age, because they are physically capable of having children, but subconsciously you know they are very impressionable. You can turn them into anything you want them to be - they haven't been ruined by society or other relationships yet.

    And it's normal for girls that age to be attracted to older men, because those men represent safety and experience.

    It's unfortunately that the human laws don't reflect the natural laws in this case.

  • I know it's wrong but I feel the same

  • U headed to jail then h***

  • Go kill yourself

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