You play you pay

I was horsing around with my girl friends trying to strip each other's clothes off while boys watched. I remember boys went crazy when we yanked Sandra's t shirt and bra up over her head and exposed her t***. After we held her down so boys could have a good look at them they all turned on me. They choose me because I was the youngest easiest to strip. I remember ending up top less, my girl friends pulling on both my sweat pants and panties and boys yelling p****. I was hanging on to my sweat pants for dear life, when I lost grip on them and everything went sliding down and completely off my legs. I still remember my face burning with shame while boys checking out my p**** saying "look at that pink slit" Stark naked I had to get up off the floor, chase after my clothes that my girl friends were waving in the air. I showed every inch of myself and still blush remembering it.

Oct 3, 2016

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  • I was horsing around with my wife. I put a saddle on her.

  • I bet you just loved being seen nude sweetie, I am dominant in our marriage and sometimes make my wife walk to the car in a coat and take it off then I place it in the boot and take her for a ride I really like getting next to trucks or busses on her side when I ask if she enjoys it she always says yes any other answer and she might walk home

  • When I was in late teens early 20's a group of us guys & girls used to meet and play cards. The looser had to take all their clothes off and stand and turn around and be inspected. Much cheering and hilarity. Then they could put their clothes back on. Started as a dare and just was continued. I remember the feeling of abject fear the first time I had to strip. I'm a guy. With age it is a fond memory. I would love to be able to chat to the girls and ask them how they felt also in a way it would be a real adrenalin rush to do that again. I mean with my own age. Sitting round a circle of teens and doing it would be just too old creepy manish.

  • I dream of this. I really wish it to be true. But how would you even know of this site? Why would you come here to write about this terrible experience.

  • 99% of these stories are fake

  • Yeah this is from a dude

  • A guy wrote this

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