I am getting so p***** of with my gf

I am getting so p***** of with my gf. For the past 5 weeks I have been asking to take her viginity. And she keeps saying she's not ready. So last night shae can to bed and once again I asked and she said no. I got really mad ast hit her and she started crying. She told me she never loved me and that from the first day I asked her out 2 years she had another man. That she had askedanother guy out five minutes after I had asked her and she had lost her vaginity with him that night and that they had had it with him every night of thre first wweek and that's when I hit the roof. I grabed her by the hands and and threw her on the bed. I undressed herr and shoved my d*** in hjer. After I was done I grabed the knife lying on the table and slit her throught. I cleaned her up put the knife in her hand and left herr in the bed. I was so mad and went for the boy next. He told me that they had never gone out but she had raped him last year. He told me that she had gotten drunk and rape pretty mucvh all of hia group and they were all scaared froom it and couldn't trust another girl agaain so he hadn't goteen a gf since. I felt pleased with my self and told him what I had done. He came back to the house with me and took a look at her. He pulled out his hand cuffs and arrested me. He told me that he was a cop and that he was on her case.

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  • "You should go to jail just for making up a dumbass story like that!"
    And you should go to jail for just saying a joke like that! LOL!

    Omfg people, seriously?

  • I can't believe we are wasting a comment on this bullshit, but this kid sounds like a future rapist/murderer

  • you bullshit artist

  • Is this confession after you were executed too?

  • Dumbass idiot!

  • You should go to jail just for making up a dumbass story like that! That is nothing to joke about.

  • shut the f*** up and go look at somemore gay p*** because some fake confessions are funny but thats f***** up you c********** dumbass peace of s*** m************ f**

  • That is nothing to joke about a******! if you want to make up stories, write a f****** book but don't lead people on here thinking you are confessing, sick f***!

  • ur a fukin liar b**** i thought u was serious at first ur a dumb ass d*******

  • Complete and utter Bullllllllllllll Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeap and he arrested you for murder and now you are on a computer in jail.

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