A co-workers bday

A close co-worker of mine, had her Birthday coming up, I have a girlfriend but I sececretly have a crush on my co-worker and if weren't involved would deft try to persuade her to a date/date not just hanging out like we do once in a while, anyway I organized a outing for her birthday. We all went to a hockey game as she's a fan and it was on her Bday, because it was her special day I bought her whatever she wanted to drink the whole night. After the game was done the whole group was suppose to go out for more drinks but every one cut out but me and my co-worker so we decided to keep the party going. We went to eat and grabbed more drinks. During that time we were talking and joking, we were both buzzed. I kept on joking that hey u can't get me drunk and take me home and F@$k me cuz I have a girlfriend. So last call comes and we get one more drink I go to the bathroom and come back and I decided to sit next to her instead of across the table for some reason, can't exactly put my finger on it, but we talk some more and now with the way I'm sitting on the stool we're close and it's like she's between my legs but my legs aren't wrapped around her, a little bit more convo I can't exactly remember about what but now I'm slightly poking at her thighs thru the holes on her skin tight ripped jeans....we pay the bill....we stand up and that's when it happened........she leans into me and we started kissing....yes I was flirty but she iniatated the kissing and at that moment because I like her and this is something I've totally fantasized about I was like holy s**** this is happening. We then went outside and continued making out in the rain for 10mins at which point I said well what are we doing now? And she replied back well sadly you can't take me back to your place and f&$k me. Know exactly how to read between the lines figureingbout exactly what that meant I hailed a cab and went to a motel . In the cab we continued our make out session there was some fingering stuff happening my pants were unbuckled and everything, I'm pretty sure the driver was like ohhh god why in my cab. But we get to the motel and do the deed .....I had a bruise from where she kept on hitting me that night on my arm....it was great some of the best s** I've ever had, maybe due in part that we've had convos about sexual preferences , what I like, what she likes, how she's sexually inexperienced and is only starting to get comfortable with her sexuality and things......the next time we were at work together we spoke about it briefly not in detail more of a I can't believe that happened talk.....and not to tell anyone and that was it, we went back to things being normal between us. Fast forward a month and it's me and her hanging out 1 on 1 and it kinda bothered me that we didn't talk about it but I just wanted to know if it was as "good" for her as it was me and she had said if I could compare all the guys I've had s** with(4) your tops the others don't even compare, it was a pleasure overload for her is exactly what she said. So hearing her say that put me kinda at ease about it but to be honest ever since I've just wanted to have her again, I deff l*** about her in my fantasies and day dreams. And I keep on asking myself well was it really just drunken s** ? Is she attracted to me as I am her ? And can I do it again?

I guess only time will tell, yea I have a GF but I don't feel bad about this one, I basically had s** with the girl who's my fantasy girl and I want it again, am I a ass, probably but that's my confession


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  • Enough with the bullshit comma man!

  • You should leave your girlfriend; she deserves better than how you are treating her unless you don't like or care for her at all. If this new girl is your fantasy girl then make her your girlfriend. Life is short as the other poster said and you shouldn't let your current girlfriend waste any more of her time on someone who doesn't love or care for her. If you are touching someone/having s** then you don't love your present girlfriend. Let her off the hook so she can find someone who appreciates her.

  • Just have s** already bro .. she clearly likes you and u both have great chemistry .. life is too short not to enjoy it. dont tell your girlfriend though lol

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