Arousing humiliation

At 22 my husband left me three years ago in deep financial trouble. I had nowhere to live and hated it when I had to spend 5 months living with my parents. I had a job at a large motel right off route I295. Mitch is the owner and is very good to me and knew my desperation living with my parents. He was flirty with me at times but nothing to bad because I knew his wife and children. When he offered to let me live in the back motel unit I jumped at the oppurtunity just to get away from my parents. It was in poor condition but he did put a new bed and carpet in for me. I cleaned rooms most of the time but after I had been working there almost a year I began working at the front desk most of the time. He was fresh with me often touching my butt, hugging me from behind and sometimes able to touch my b******. I just put up with it and knew it wouldn't go further because his wife is here three days a week. Last year is when I discovered that he could see into my motel unit. He has a small office that is always locked in back of my room. I noticed an area of the bathroom mirror where I'm sure he left a light on accidentally one night. A second mirror in the bedroom/kitchen was the same way. I had been living there almost a year and a half and was certain he had been spying on me all that time. His wife is here on Saturdays, Sundays and Wednesdays and thats when he would be here in the evening up til about 10 or 11 o'clock. That gave him many oppurtunities to spy into my room. I realized he had watched me shower and had to see me naked many times plus god knows what else he had watched me do. I started dating a guy 11 months ago so Mitch had probably seen us haveing s** and I'm sure he has watched me m********* many times. Humiliated and violated is putting it mildly and as much as I wanted to, I couldn't do anything about it. I need this job and as much as I was mad about it, I still liked Mitch. Where my logic came in I don't know but since I wasn't paying anything to live here I decided not to do anything about it. After a few days of finding out he had been spying on me it was arousing in a way. I began looking out the front window after his wife went home. From the check-in office he had to pass my room to get to the rear office. It was a Sunday night the first time I knowingly showered with the knowlege that he was watching me. It was embarrassing but at the same time stimulating to me. I found myself watching for him everytime his wife went home and even now am embarrassed each time I know he is watching me. I didn't do it the first few times but began masturbating knowing he was watching me. What I never realized until a few months ago is that his brother parks his car in the back and also spys on me. I don't see Ronny very often but now everytime I do I begin to blush just by the fact that I don't know how long he has been watching me or how many times he has seen me naked. I should be used to them watching me by now but as much as I get aroused when I know they can see me it is still embarrassing to me. I must be crazy because I keep letting them see me naked and even having s** with my boyfriend or masturbating.

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  • It is only a matter of time before you let Mitch and Ronny f*** all of your holes. You know you want it.

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