In love with my wife's best friend

We have known each other for years but more recently I can't stop thinking about her. She is simply the most beautiful woman I know. I want to tell her how I feel just so she will know why I act like a love struck teenager when we are together. I think she may feel something towards me as well...she always sits next to me when we go out, sometimes refers to me jokingly as "her boyfriend", recently we were at a concert and she noticeably leaned against me for a long time, she texted me with a "wink" but said it was a typo, she goes out of her way to be near me when we are out with a group, etc. Is she ending me mixed signals...I don't know but I am definitely attracted to her.

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  • I just cheated on my wife with her friend. We had an unexplainable attraction. Very much like you describe. When we would all go out we flirted a little and we get along very well. Then the texts started. We got drunk last weekend and played around and got semi caught and I had to own up. My wife is heartbroken and completely devastated. We have a good marriage and there was no excuse for this other than me being a weak idiot and we had too much to drink. Now everything is a mess and all the friendships are ruined. I am fighting for my marriage. I wish someone would have talked sense into me before hand. It just isn't worth it unless you are ready to give up everything and face the embarrassment that this will bring to you, your family and friends. I would have rather be fiends with this girl for years and enjoy her company than go through this and ruin everything and never see her again. It's not worth it.

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