Give up?

I have been trying for at least 4 years now to get tones. To look hot to make b****** f****** jealous. I want a big ass and tones thighs and flat tummy and toned arms etc. I want to be strong. I motivate myself by looking at those fitness girls at the gym on youtube or look up pictures and it makes me angry to where i tell myself that that is what i want to do i want to look like her, h*** ill look better then her and then i go do what i need to do. I work out gym and home sometimes at school for nj and band. I have been eating cleaner and a lot of fruits and veggies, protein shakes only drinking water and tea etc. BUT I CAN NOT SEE RESULTS! i know i am doing the motions right but im not really feeling it where it says it is supposed to be working. I get frusterated and mad i am so weak! idk what to do i have a caring football boyfriend that tries to help me but im not where i want to be and i literally dont want to be skinny fat nor on the show "my 600 lbs Life". im doing everything but i dont seem to be going anywhere and i just sit and cry to myself. Btw i know i may be young, i am 17, i will not listen to that bull s*** about how i dont need to worry about that and i look fine and i need to eat (most of the time the food is s*** food) and s*** i wasnt to do what i want to do i know all this s*** takes hard time and dedicationon and disiplin but i have been!!!!! im also not going to listen to the "well it could be in your genes" s*** either i want the body and thats what i am going to f****** get!

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  • You may need to measure your progress differently. I was a farm kid, did a lot of lifting in hs football, and I laid pipes and culverts on road construction. I went through all kinds of physical activity, and was strong enough that my muscles could do things my bones couldn't handle. Did I bulk up? Nope. Still tall and lanky. Strong as can be, but my muscles look practically the same. I always had to check my progress by increases in how much I could lift or how many reps I could do, or with a tape measure physically around my body parts to see if they grew, because I always looked the same in the mirror.

  • You're commitment and dedication is amazing. But it's worrysome for you to compare yourself to those images in magazines. Everything is photoshopped. I know.. you don't want to hear about genes, but they do have something to do with why you may not look like whoever you're aspiring to look like. But it doesn't mean you don't already look amazing. It's important to set realistic goals and go for more of how you feel..because at the end of the day it's about health, not what some number says. Because you have to live your life and indulge on occasion and be okay with it. Whatever you're doing in the gym, switch it up. Try swimming, pilates, yoga..they can condition and change your body in positive ways. Talk to a trainer or even hire one and share with them your fitness goals. Also share with them that when you do exercises, where you are feeling the change..they can show you modifications or a different exercise that works the same muscle to give you better results. Sounds like you got water and tea down! Eating clean - that's discipline. Don't forget to eat protein (instead of only drinking it) - chicken, fish etc.. and eat enough calories for the day, because if you're not it works against you. If you work the front of the muscle, work the back as well. The comment below suggesting powerlifting is really good - squats, lunges, planks are all really great. You're doing great. Give yourself a lot of credit, it's not easy. It couldn't hurt to even speak with a nutritionist to really set a food plan in motion for you.

  • Girl dont worry. i donno how other guys think about it, but i like women with a feminin curvy figure. and as to your workout: it takes f****** time! just be steady with your workout, be sure to do some powerlifting excercises like squats and you'll be fine in 7-8 months.

  • Thank you that really helps

  • You have all the time in the world to make skinny b****** jealous.

  • Fatties always have so much anger. Count your calories. Learn the basics of weightlost. 3500 calories is 1lb. You can burn 300 calories from walking 45 minutes. Do the math fattie.

  • Show the class where in the confession OP said she was fat. We'll wait...
    Speaking of anger, you seem to have a lot toward "fatties". Did you know being a stupid hostile mama's boy can cause heart disease, especially if you'll only eat fish fingers and Pop Tarts that Mommy warms up for you? I say this out of genuine Concern, you useless f****** waste of ugly skin! I Care, you pimple on the ass of humanity! Can't you tell by my words, you inbred lump of offal? I'm Concerned For Your Health!

  • I am actually not fat I have a perky butt and musuline thighs but not big or toned I workout and have noticeable muscle but it's not in a way I would like to be more toned and defined. I have a 2 pack but also love handles like muscular thighs but the inner thighs are the problem you feel me? The first things you pack on and that's the last thing you'll lose you know? I'm 17 and I weigh 145 I just

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