1rst Black Bull

My wife says it would be the****utic for me to get our sessions out in the open .
She says, tell the story of the first time. Ok here it goes…..
We had a new neighbor move in and this girl was so f****** hot!! One day she told me the girl had admitted to wanting to f*** me. That made me even hotter for that ass but was I just supposed to ask for it? About a week later after work my wife got a text saying “ man swap? “ she said , I go over there and she comes over here. Well all I could think about was that incredible ass so I just said tell her yes .
They did the switch and this girl wasted no time taking me into the bedroom. She pulled off her shorts and said if you want it you gotta eat it! After being down there for awile I asked her why she had a black spade with a Q in it tattoo just above her p****. She said Ill explain while you work that c***! When she explained I kinda freaked out and stopped. I texted my wife and said I need to talk to you!
This girl was giving me head when I heard my wife come in the door and upstairs to the bedroom. Problem was she wasent alone. There was this big ass black guy with her. She sat on the bed and said I want to show you something. She pulled his sweats down and right in front of me was the biggest c*** id ever seen in my life!!

She looked at me and said are you down with this? I said why do you want it? And she said…….ohhhh yes! I said go ahead but that’s gonna hurt! The other girl said if your ok with all this I’m gonna leave. My wife looked at me and said send her home, so I did. On her way out she looked at me and said I really don’t think your prepared for whats gonna happen to your wife and her p****.Then she looked at him and said , NO MERCY! This sent shivers down my spine!
My wife started stroking his c*** and it was swelling! My wife is very talented at giving head. She can swallow my whole d*** but he was hard she could only get the tip of his head in her mouth he was that f****** big! I didn’t see any way it was gonna even fit in her p**** but I was wrong. She took off her panties and they were absolutely soaked. She got on the bed and put that little ass in the air . making sure that I could see it all. When he got behind her what ensued was absolutely traumatizing! Some guys would need counseling to recover. Its almost impossible to describe but in all honesty, size and all this is what I saw close up and personal:
First doggy then on top then on her back and back to doggy!!
This bulls c*** measures in at a little over 13" and forearm thick!!! ( she's measured it)

She was always making very sure I had a clear view of the carnage. I was pretty proud of how much I could make her c**…….until this! He made her c** harder and more times than I do in a month!
Women do what they will but if there are guys considering letting their girl have a Black Bull youd better have a strong mind! It’s the most hardcore thing youll ever witness. This kind of s** seems to be gaining in popularity. My wife has many Black Bull f*** friends but never has found one bigger than this guy. She only f**** him in our house and when Im watching, which averages between 4-8 times a month.
This was just the beginning of it all. There are soooo many ultra-hardcore stories involving him and others.My wife says put this out there and if people like it you can write about the rest of them. She also said we should take suggestions on what she should do with him and most likely she will! :-O
So what do you think????

Sep 7, 2014

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  • Great confession buddy! You guys are enjoying life ! Have fun and let her have all the big Black c*** she wants.

  • What i think such a worthless woman should do is not hard to imagine. If ut was my wife she would not see another sunrise

  • Hey you wife someone needs to tell you tat you are one worthless m************ w****-that simple

  • You might of enjoyed your white wife being f***** by a black c*** but it was the beginning of the end of your marriage! in 5 to 10 years you will know what i mean!

  • Now that is what I calla worthless w****

  • 13 inches wow for her can I have a turn

  • I think your wife is a worthless bbc w**** and POS

  • That is the worst thing i have ever read in my life. I would call your wife a w****. Your wife committed Adultery and you like an idiot are still married to her and i don't give a rats ass if you was ok with it or not as it is still adultery. You and your wife will be held to account when you both stand before the Lord. God help you both.

  • I wife was reluctant to try black c*** at first but now really enjoys pleasing a black guy.She started at 20 when I brought home a black friend I worked with. We had dinner and drinking. She had a little more than usual and he started kidding her if she didn't stop drinking he would end up f****** her. Well it happened that night, all night long and now twice a week.

  • White s***

  • So your wife is a bbc w**** now too. a useless POS white trailer trash w****

  • In Mexico. Party at club crawl the 2nd night. Our tour host took aside and flirted with her. The Latino guide gave her his phone number. Mean while i stood back by the door and watched. The door man watched me. Big black man. I watched the bulge in his pants. Next 2 nights the wife went out dates with the Latino guide. I became a cuckold. Licking her when she returned to the resort room. On the next night as she went out to get f***** again I wen back to the club. The big black doorman took me into a storeroom pushed me to my knees and i sucked his big black c***. I told wife what i did and admitted now i was f** cuckold. The 2 of us went the club the next night. In the storeroom the big black man mounted her bare back and e********* his big load of potent sperm deep into her. My goodness i love being her sissy cuckold.

  • My wife had a black bull with a 12.5" c*** that was coke-can thick. That was incredible to watch! She would let me lick her clean afterwards but would not let me stick my little 4.5" d*** in her after he finished.

  • Hoe

  • White wife,60, I have a bull and some other black friends that I welcome in to my bed. Yes, it seems most have larger c**** 8-11 inches, bigger than hubby and a few other white guys I've f***** in my lifetime. Some harp on size, to me the pleasure my bull gives is from his attitude and approach. First, all blacks seem to just spill over with desire to f*** me, their actions, how they seem to be so verbal. Oh, actions, they don't hesitate of feel your ass, nipple on your t**, finger you. Gaad! , my husband always seem reluctant to do anything with urging......slap my ass hard when f****** me, calling me his sexy b****, or use words like c***, p****, t***, c***. It just seems to flow with my bull when he f****** me. And, he expresses his l*** to f*** my p****, licking it, tonguing it, fingering it [easy and hard] something my husband doesn't...like he afraid or its dirty. I've never sucked his c***, played with his b****, licked his ass and he wouldn't thing of doing anything to me as if such things are nasty. My bull, if he wants some p****, he just grabs me, flings me over the nearest couch back, chair or tell me to drop b****, I want some c***.
    Or, wiggles a finger at me, points down to his c***, and if I don't drop to me knees and start grabbing his c***; or if I seem reluctant and could find myself over his knees and getting a real spanking …. which is generally followed by a f******, hard, rough with a verbal emphasis on just who I am. Sure size can be an ideal to make it better, but too me the attitude, the approach and energy of his f******. It just seems to make me want to be his submissive b**** and f***** like a w****.....and I love it that way. And yes, white guys gt a body, take care of yours …. black guys might be big, but mine have had stamina and virility. I f***** a black friend, 65, and before he got out of my p**** and ass, he had c** 3 times. My hubby is 58, and hardly good for one.

  • I'm a 60 year old white widow, 5'7", 150#, 38C, 36 waist, 38 hips. I feel I'm reasonably attractive. However, when I started dating few white men seem interested. When this black guy approached me one night at a lounge, he seem to just sweep me off my feet. His mannerisms, his attitude and outward show of interest seem to stir life in my p**** that I hadn't felt in years. Secondly, he could dance and I had always liked to dance which most white guys, at my age, seem reluctant too. He was a gentleman, so to speak, when we started, but as the night worn on....his hands were cupping my butt cheeks and he was definitely getting sexy, kissing, and rubbing what seemed like a large c*** agains my belly. Like in a daze, I was soon in his hotel room and, yes quite sober, he had me out of my clothes and naked. As the lady said his attitude, the enthusiasm, desire put me with feelings and attitudes and desires I had never experienced. He seemed so dominant, that I easily with the flow. I sucked c*** for the first time in my life, licked his b****, and he tore me up with o****** with my first ever oral s**. He fingered me, p**** and ass, kissed, sucked,, nibbled on my t*** … and yes the biggest c*** I had sever seen, or handled. He f***** me senseless, o*****, after o*****, and c** in me several times before we rested. And yes, when he started again he took me in the ass. Yes, it heard, but before he was done I wanted. C*** size, after a brief big concern, seemed lost but his attitude, desire to f*** me so overwhelmed me. And, like the lady said, he called things for what they were: yes it is p****, c***; yes I was f***** like a s*** and a w****, but I love the verbal name calling. Maybe, it was just the animalistic approach and feelings that caused me to want him. I had s** with a couple very attractive white men, who were also large in c*** size, but that sexual feeling never came, the treat me like a princess, no l***, no desire.

  • Hope you get this. I get vary vary turned on when I watch my wife with another man too. The biggest she ever had was 10", but there was 4 guy f**king her at her time.

  • That's disgusting....

  • Not sure if it's true but nice little story.

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