In-law confusion

Hey heres my situation my im in my late 20's and my brother-in-law's mother is getting divorced but still lives with her soon to be ex-husband shes a ssbbw that is in her late 50's and i find her incredibly attractive but im not sure if i should take my shot with her i need some help with this please leave serious comments -Light -9/07/14

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  • Is there an update on this...?

  • Play it carefully and you wil get there after her divorce shel be vunerable thats your chance to get into her panties

  • I spent alot of time with her last night at a party but that was after her soon to be ex-husband left the party i talked to her all night and even made'er laugh at the end of the night it ended with a hug so im hoping she sees me as the replacement. -light

  • Excellent work, my man. Keep it going! Add a kiss on the cheek to the next hug, and then allow the hugs to linger thereafter, making each one just slightly longer and warmer than the one before it. More contact (physical and by phone, text, etc., but nothing blatantly sexual yet), more sweetness, more attention. Every so often, bring her a small gift.....for no reason whatsoever: don't make a big deal of it, just let her know (subliminally) that you think of her when you aren't in her presence. This will happen!

  • Going after her with a plan or some specific idea of an approach is not likely to produce good results for you. The thing to do, if it's possible, is just arrange your schedule so that you're able to spend time with her, even if it's not all one-on-one. Be in her presence, talking to her, sharing some event or other, just hanging out. Allow the situation to evolve so that she develops a sense of comfort with you, and then the relationship -- whether or not it leads to an affair -- will feel natural. You mentioned that she may be separating from her husband anyway, or at least has those thoughts: let her know you're "there for her", ready to help, to listen, to act. Let her know, if it's your belief, that she'll have no trouble replacing that man with another, and if she asks or hints at it, let her know that, yes, you'd GLADLY take his place (between her legs or any other place in her life), and that you'll do that whether or not she actually leaves him. If she seems open to the notion, tell her you want her and would do anything to get with her. Compliment her, help her, be an ear, provide a shoulder. Stay close and be the man she complains that her husband isn't. Do all the things she says he doesn't do. You're going to get this woman. I can feel it. Good luck!

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