I'm 16 soon to be 17. Before school started we went on a vacation to Tennessee. Me, my mom and dad, and my brother who is 15. We stayed at this nice resort in a 2 bedroom cabin. My brother is a discussion teenage boy so no way I was sharing a room with him. I told my parents I would sleep in the van. We came back to the cabin late and my parents and brother went off to bed. I went to the van as was about to get in the back when I heard a guy say hello. I turned and saw a boy about my age. He was cute so I started talking to him. Before long we noticed that it was really late. About 1am. Joking I said we could have s** right there and no one would no. A little chatter back and again, and before I knew it his p**** was out and I was giving him oral. A few minutes after I started he finished. In my mouth. I was not happy, cussing him out. He apologized and said he would make it up to me. He pulled a condom out of his pants. We jumped in the van and he was true to his word. He made sweet love to me. It was beautiful, he paid so much attention to me. I will never forget.

Sep 16, 2019

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  • Im 15 and my 16 year old sister peed in my orange juice this morning. I thought it tasted bitter but drank it anyway. She told me later and said it was a prank and she was going to put it on yt. I feel sick

  • To anonymous-I am 15, and was the flowergirl in my Aunts wedding two weeks ago.[There were no little girls,so i got asked to be her flowergirl].At the dance i met a cute,hot,16 year old guy and we hit it off and spent most of the time talking and dancing.He kept telling me how cute i looked in my puffy,white dress and veil and i was flattered! We snuck off to a class room and were kissing.He managed to get my dress off of me and saw my flowergirl diaper and cute plastic panties and i gave him oral s** then we made love after that!

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