I like wife's busy past.

My wife slept with many men before me. She had lost count by the time she graduated college. She had many boyfriends, friends with benefits and one night stands. At the time we started dating, she was having regular s** with three other guys. I lost my virginity to her and fell in love. Because of her past, I was the only guy that would marry her. So she said yes. She eventually fell in love with me. I get sexually turned on thinking of all the guys that had her first. I love her past. She talks about it in bed to turn me on and occasionally adds another guy to the list. I love it and love writing about it, but I would die if my friends and family found out.

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  • She's gotten that out of her system now and will settle down and be a good wife.

  • Yea my fiancée was promiscuous in her teens and twenties she says she's change I was p***** at first but she said they were all relationships, she's so sweet I want to marry her.

  • Same with my wife. We were the first of our friends to get married. Having our single guy friends over to party led to our first mmf. I found that I loved to watch her give head, and I like sloppy seconds after a creampie...sooooo hot!!!

  • Yes, sloppy seconds are the best.

  • Some how what turns me on is when my gf tells me how her husband made love to her last nite right from kissing her, stripping, felling her b****, fingering her down and than how she sucked him and inserted her from bk of front

  • Wow. I thought I was the only one. I too lost my virginity (late in life) to a woman who got it on in college. She admitted to 16 guys but it may be more than that. Anyway she is my one and only. I too get sexual excited when I think of all those guys c****** in her. I have never told her how I feel.

  • Do you ever want to even the score?

  • I like f****** women with experienced v*****

  • How many had she f***** and does she still have other c***

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