Skirts make it easy

I gonna make this short. I had ex-wife wear mini skirts all the time with no underwear on we had rules. The rules where that I would listen to her on stuff around the house and in returm she had to wear a skirt everyday with no panties and let whoever wanted to f*** her. Everyone we knew was coming over f****** her. Rule 2 was they had to come in her. Every guy we new f***** her in her skirts and she loved it. What do you all think.

Sep 16, 2014

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  • We have rules too. My wife must wear skirts or mini dresses a minimum of 4 days per week. This requires her to wear these to work. No underwear can be worn with them either. The longest a skirt can be is 15". She shops for clothes but anything I buy, she must wear at my request.

    On dates, I will often pick out her outfits depending on what we are doing or going. If she’s going out with another man, a skirt or dress is required. We want her date to be aroused as much as possible.

  • Skirts = easy access. Wife is required to dress in skirts or dresses without underwear whenever she leaves the house, goes on dates or travels for work.

  • Wife does this when she gets drunk. I like sloppy seconds best and c** harder after watching her blow other men. She loves to suck off my friends while I watch.

  • And where is your ex wife now?????? would you care to tell us what happens to women like this? i hope she isn't sitting in some MENTAL ASYLUM somewhere because of you! you both sound MAD!!!!!!!

  • I know where your coming from. I often think about wanting my wife to let all my buddys f*** her. or she could at least suck them off, no harm in a b*******.

  • I think I know why she is your ex-wife.

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