Boasting and a touch of sadness

When I was first married I would force my wife to wear miniskirts all the time. I threw out all her pants so she could only wear skirts.

I used to enjoy her having the discomfort and having to be careful with how she stood and sat. Being a good wife she'd tell her friends that she wore short skirts for me which was true. We had kids and still I was very controlling. She'd have to bend over to lift kids out of car seats or sit on the ground to play with them. We used to buy bra and brief sets made of shiney material that were beautiful and smooth to touch and I'd tell her they were quite suitable for people to see. Sometimes she'd be in years about how embarrassed she was. This excited me and made me even more resolved to enforce my rules.

Anyway today she left me. I'm emotionally gutted but totally understand her leaving. I know I was wrong but also I confess I enjoyed it. I enjoyed showing her off. I enjoyed her having to comply. So all I have are the memories and the photos.

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  • Yeah bro… she was cheating on you.

  • I'll bet she feels like she is on vacation. My Ex was controlling and there was no not following commands or I would be broken down by a barrage of b*******.
    I walked away one day never to return and found a wonderful life.

  • Good for you! :) Who needs a nagging overgrown toddler who thinks it "rules" you?

  • The weird thing is that now she has left I feel a huge sense of relief and I suspect she does too. It's weirdly amicable. No shouting. I and I think her want to do the right thing by the kids. I have the kids at present. She comes over a couple of times a week on her way home from work to see the kids. I am hoping it gives her space. In my case even though I totally enjoyed both the look of her in miniskirts and her discomfort it was a really draining effort.

  • Take your perks where you can, boy. She's no longer under your control. Spin it for we anonymous denizens all you want, people like you are more than "gutted" when they lose control of anything-- especially other people. LOSER!!

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