Keeping her obedient

I like my wife to be obedient and submissive. It helped that we met at church and that she had been exposed to the idea that a wife submits to her husband. Before marriage we did talk about wives submitting to husbands. After marriage I worked on her. If we were discussing something, I would ensure that I was the one that made the actual decision. If she disagreed with it and tried to say something, I would remind her that being submissive meant accepting my decisions. When we went out for meals at restaurants, I would order for her without asking what she wanted. Her job also was to serve me so at home she would serve me my dinner and if we were out with friends, I would send her to buy drinks. If she didn't want to have **, I would say that is not being submissive. Wasn't long before foreplay was non existent and if she talked about her getting to **, I said to her that her role was to be focused on me and that wanting her own ** was selfish and took her away from her rightful focus. Her role was to just lie quietly while I ** her.

She was a conservative dresser but quite good looking and I liked skirts and dresses and so I got her wearing skirts only. That actually was pretty quick and because we did a reasonable amount of outdoor activities, it meant buying her some sports skirts which were pretty short. I would make her wear these and gradually other short skirts most of the time.

I also encouraged her to tell others who commented on anything that as a wife her role was to look after her husband and at other times to say things like that's what he wants or likes.

There were nice occasions when others would complement her on that aspect. For example one time, early on, we were at her parents place and she complained to her mom that I made here wear short skirts. It was a hot summers day and she was wearing a short white tennis type skirt with built in briefs. Luckily her mom said we all need to make sacrifices and if it keeps his eyes on her and not wandering then it will make for a strong marriage.

Jan 10

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  • My husband and I have a similar relationship. I encourage you to generously love her so she may enjoy knowing her body as well as yours. Her devotion will increase all the more.

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