Friends and wife.

A couple of months ago my wife,Sarah, and I were at the beach with our good friends. My friend, Steve, went 'skinny dipping' and when he came out of the sea he lay naked to dry in the sun. My wife noticed he has a very big c*** and couldn't take her eyes of it. Because he saw her staring his c*** started twitching and swelling - this got her attention even more and she moved closer. His wife whispered to me that if Sarah asked him nicely he would give her a 'very enjoyable time'.
For the last few weeks my wife has been suggesting that we accept an offer to visit Steve and his wife who only live five miles away. I don't know whether to go, but don't want seem rude by refusing.

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  • I'm sorry, but you really don't have a say in the matter. Since she 'moved closer' to get a good look, she obviously doesn't care that you or his wife know she's l****** after it. And since his wife is ok with it, Sarah has already f***** Steve's big c***. Probably multiple times. At least if you give permission, you'll know that it is happening, and may even get to watch.

  • I would go only if his wife agreed to give you 'very enjoyable time' while Steve was giving Sarah the same.

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