Strange foster mom

I have lived with Tesa and Gene since I was 9 years old and am 15 now. They have had several foster kids since I have been her but for the last 2 years Henry and Patrick have been here. One time a few years ago Tesa did spank me but not nearly as bad as she does to the two boys now. Henry is 11 and Patrick 12. Gene never spanks the boys but when Tesa does she pulls down there pants and spanks them bare. Whats bad is that she does it right in the dining room and I see her doing it most of the time. I never say anything but I know the boys must really be embarrassed by a girl my age seeing their p**** and rear end. Many times she takes off their trousers and undies and a few times I have seen both boys completely naked when she spanked them. Another thing she does is scold them after the spanking while they stand there either naked from the waiste down or sometimes just naked. The boys know I see them like that and its plain to see how humiliated they are. I can see that Patrick has pubic hair now and I am almost sure Tesa does this to them to shame them in front of me. Sometimes she calls me to come into the dining room telling me why she is going to spank them and I think she wants me to see them like that. I think these boys shouldn't be spanked in front of me but it almost always happens when I am there. She caught Patrick masturbating a month ago but oddly didn't spank him for that. She did tell me he did it right in front of him and his face lit bright red. Patrick doesn't cry much when she spanks him but Henry cries pathetically. Gene never tries to stop Tesa from spanking them and I remember her doing it to other boys years ago when I was younger. I have always been good in school and never gave Tesa a reson to spank me but the boys get spanked often. Patrick gets into troble allthe time and he is spanked more than Henry is. I feel sory for them because they shouldn't be treated that why. Tesa shouldn't spank them in front of me and I think she is mean foir doing that.

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  • I recently read a story about a child who was in a foster home experiencing things similar to what you are saying. Eventually things got worse, and a child ended up being abused and murdered. I'm not saying it could go that far, but I am saying that without letting an authorative figure know, things could end up worse for these poor boys.

  • If you beat your child for masturbation you should be in prison.

  • She is mean and she is abusing and humiliating them. She should not be a foster parent. You shouldn't have to witness that ever for any reason. She should be reported.

  • Can you share this information to your school counselor or call the police or child protective services and report it? It sounds like she is abusive to the boys and gets joy out of what she does and that is so wrong.If you report it,you would no longer feel guilty and will save those boys from a life long problem. Also,ask the boys to report the problem to their counselors or teachers,really anybody who is an adult or can help.Keep doing good in school,you sound bright and responsible.

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