Jennifer Lawrence

I may have liked one of her movies, but I HATE Jennifer Lawrence and how everybody thinks she's so fricken great. I don't get it. Might help if she wasn't so ugly, or if she showed her t*** in every movie. Hearing about her is almost as worse as seeing/hearing about f***** ass 1D.

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  • Show of hands: How many trash-talking basement dwellers would do a fast 180 on everything said here if JL converted to being a MAGAT like them? Morons.

  • She was ok in Silver linings playbook, shes Horrible as Mystique

  • You're right: she was "ok" in SLP. But an Academy Award? Aw, H*** no!

  • It's all politics and sucking up. Just like in DC.

  • me too. i hate her.

  • Same here. She's a total b****, and she can't act. Oscar winner? That fact tells you everything you need to know about the Academy Awards. I hope she just goes away.


  • I totally agree. I have no idea who decided that she was beautiful or sexy or a decent actress. She's none of those things, and especially the last: she can't act for s***, and seeing her on screen just bores me. I'll be glad when her star burns out and we don't have to see her anymore or listen to the sycophantic media talk about her "acting": she's a self-centered b**** who can barely even pretend to be herself.

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