i still think about you after all this

i still think about you after all this time ... how you made me feel, the lies you told, what you did, and how you broke your promises and threw me away

i learned i didn't really mean anything to you, that i was just someone to play with, to make you feel better about yourself, to use me in any way you saw fit

i remember how hurt i was, that i told you to stay far away from me, to never speak again, that all of it nearly destroyed me, and the things i'd done to try and forget you

i know you forgot all about me, what i looked like back then, who i was when we knew each other, what really mattered to me, what i needed and wanted, that everything you've done to me and others was without remorse or regret

i wish you could see me now ... to know just how far i've come to make something of my life, that i'm far stronger and wiser then you could imagine, that i've never made the mistake of blinding believing anything just for the sake of love

i want you to know that i made amends for all things things we've done, that i refuse to deal with the bs of a woman who says one thing and does another, that i won't stop looking for the one, that no matter how much pain was caused i wouldn't take any of it back

i need to thank you ... for teaching me one of the hardest lessons to learn in love, for giving me the example i needed of what to avoid, that in the end meeting you made me a far better man than what you could handle past, present, or future

and i have to confess that apart of me still loves and misses you - the person i thought you were (a friend, a lover, a soulmate) - that i'll never see you again, and i hope you find what you're looking for

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  • sometimes we hurt people in the process of finding ourselves. i hope that you truly did forgive her. and the best of luck to finding that one special girl that makes your heart skip a beat every time you see her. you will find her. prob after a lot of heartbreak, but its all worth it. wish you the best

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