Broke up w/ a woman and extremely guilty.

I just broke up with a woman, we've been dating for about 1 and 1/4 years. She is divorced, has 3 boys from ages 7-14, a few years older than me. She was madly in love with me. A few weeks ago I began to think she wasn't what I wanted. The only thing that let her on was I told her that I didn't particularly like hanging around her children, and I thought I'd be closer with them by now but I'm not. She took that OK.

A few days ago it just really hit me that, despite loving and caring for her, our relationship is not what I want. I didn't want to drag it out, act distant, or anything like that, so I told her that I wasn't happy with the relationship and it was over. She was devastated. Crying, hysterical, bargaining with me, etc. She loves me and can't imagine her life without me.

I can't stand that I'm hurting her. I do love her, although it's hard to understand why, but let's just say I care about her and it kills me that I'm hurting her.

The thing is, I doubt she will ever do better than me as far as quality of a man. She just can't offer enough as far as looks, outlook on life, time, etc. So she is doomed to be with someone she thinks is inferior, or with no one, both are possibilities. I am going to move on and find someone else, no problem.

Man do I feel guilty

Jan 16, 2012

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  • Haha - I felt guilty about the fact that I thought my girlfriend would never get a guy as good as me. Two weeks later she was with another guy (not as good as me obviously) but I was alone.

  • girls can get fresh c*** whenever they want. they have the power of the p****.

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