I surrendered to him a long time ago

I don't fight back or push back, i do what he asks me to do. no, i do what he tells me to do.

at first it was like a test, would i refuse, could i refuse, how far would i go. and each time i did not refuse, each time a went further than the time before. i want him to know that i will do whatever he wants, only he can decide.

i can't refuse. i mean, i can't. once i started doing what he told me to do, i can't stop. i have tried, i have really truly tried to stop. i have tried to stop talking to him. but then, he calls me and i can't let the phone ring. and once he talks to me, i go back to him.

i don't know if he likes me being this submissive or obedient or what ever it is, or if he is still trying to find out how far he can go. he can go far, very far, i don't think i will ever say no. after he is done telling me what to do i don't feel humiliated, really. i like obeying him, i like seeing his eyes when i please him and do what he asks. and after he takes me and has s** with me, i will do anything he asks.

he tatooed his name on me, and i stare at it in the mirror and look at it, and try to look at it by turning my head. i want to show it off. i let my pants down a bit, just enough to uncover his name, so the other girls can see his name. i want them to know i have his name on me.

i want to see my name on his chest, right over his heart. i close my eyes and see my name on his chest. sometimes when he is asleep i write on him, he just tells me not to do that. but on this i disobey him a little. i love writing my name over his heart.

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