I'm sorry Pam

Having s** with you wasn't all my fault. You were 42 and I was 38 and it was your idea that I come to your apartment.

I didn't think you were attractive but you were available and I gave in. I'm sorry you took it seriously. I didn't want to be your boyfriend and I know I hurt you when I backed out of the friendship.

Now that you have passed away my conscience is bothering me. How was I to know you would die so suddenly? At least you died in your sleep and didn't suffer. I guess the years of smoking cigarettes and poor healthcare on your part did you in.

Dying in the home of a friend on the couch while you took a nap is something I'm glad didn't happen when I was with you.

You were tormented in life and I hope the good lord took pity on you.


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  • There's a reason you're feeling guilty. Care to guess what it is?

  • Ok tell me why my conscience is bothering me?

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