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I am only 13 and i cut my hips. I have tried overdosing on sleeping pills, drinking abunch of energy drinks and killing myself. I have friends and they make me happy but when im alone all i want to do is cry. I hate my life which is stupid because im so well off. I have a family that loves me a roof over my head and food to eat I should be happy. I cant sleep at night becuase i have sleep paralasis or however you spell that so all my teachers at school think i cant function right. Im ready to just leave.

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  • Hey, just hang in there. Life gets so much better! I promise. I tried to kill myself when I was 15 and I am so happy that I never succeeded because life is pretty awesome now. Please just hang in there. Call a friend. Watch a comedy.
    Anything, just please hang in there!

  • That's terrible. It might be clinical depression. This can be treated. Either that or something else is wrong with your life. Please, don't hurt yourself again. Your family will be deeply hurt and scarred in ways you cannot imagine if you take your own life. They love you, don't leave them alone.

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