Paranoid or Not

This year I was introduced to marijuana. So I've been smoking. It went from every other month, to ever other week, to every other day.
It's not an addiction. I only smoke when it's offered.

However, during the time I've been smoking, a lot of things have been revealed to me. I'm confused whether I should believe them or not, because on one hand it could just be stoner talk... but on the other hand it could be real. It all makes sense. And there is proof of the information.

but how do I know? Some of it is intense and I don't want to be confused or accused of being a crazy person.

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  • Marijuana isn't a bad drug nor is it really a drug. Its magic is in the way it helps you to see whats truly going on here. It opens your mind to a level previously unexplored. Ive been a daily smoker for 6 years now and I do not consider myself a hippy nor do I consider myself pro marijuana laws. I consider myself a natural human being and although there are ALOT of people who think I am crazy I don't care because after exploring and understanding that world that marijuana opens us up to can you truthfully answer why. Im not crazy. They view me as crazy because their reality is different to mine. Its not a bad thing so don't worry my friend :) your journey is yours to take. And the things you see are part of reality. <3 not entirely reality though. this is where you seek... Remember that there are other things in the world. be open to the lessons <3

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