What happen under my roof

I have f***** all the helper in my house and I have enjoy every moment of it . But I can not forgive myself for doing that to my wife even if she is not aware of it. I have this strong dispire to duck my mother in law she turns me on.

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  • This post and the comments about it are proof that some men should just stay single! You're all f****** sad losers! Women don't want their life wasted away on a lying sack of s***. Stay single, be a man, don't marry someone if that lifestyle doesn't appeal to you! No one has a f****** gun to your head, you aren't that special lol

  • If you want to repeatedly respond to your own b u l l s h i t post then go ahead. Maybe that imagination could go to you imagining yourself getting a better job.

  • ^Exactly.. Maybe he can "dispire to learn to spell intend of trying to "duck" his mother in law.

  • Way to go!!! You're a man. Men are supposed to f*** any woman they can get in the sack. If you can bag the mother-in-law, go for it. We've had 3 different cleaning gals over the years and since I work from home, I'm here when they come to clean, and I've f***** all 3. Great fun.

  • Doing her mother would be a real thrill. After working on her for years, I finally bagged my first wife's mother. The s** wasn't the best ever, but just the idea of s******* her was an amazing thing: I really felt like I'd accomplished something. Hope you go for it! Good luck!

  • I think it's sexy and should be continued.

  • you were just doing something that the housekeepers needed and wanted. dont apologize to anybody for that. least of all your wife. if she cant understand or appreciate how far your willing to go to satisfy your employees and to spread a little love in the world she needs to get the f*** out. like now.

  • If the M-I-L wants the d***, give her the d***. It's not rocket science.

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