Caught in the Rain

One of my friends attends an out of town university and anytime his mother needs helps she always calls upon me to help. I helped her with some shopping recently because it required carrying some heavy items which were too heavy for her but not me. We loaded the items into her car but had to leave the hatchback open to get them in the car and home. When it came to take them out it was pouring rain so we needed to get the items out of the car quickly so the car would not get too soaked. Like you can guess our clothes were soaked to the bone after all the items were brought in. She suggested putting our clothes in the dryer, so off to the laundry room we went. She began to take her top off, threw it in the dryer and asked what I was waiting for. I then followed suit and threw mine in too. She began to remove her pants and I did the same. We took everything out of our pockets and in they went too. Off came our socks next leaving her in just a bra and panties and me in my underwear. She took off her bra and threw it in and with a little hesitation and reluctance I took my underwear off and threw it in. I was fully naked and she had her very nice b****** exposed to me. I was now waiting to see her bare ass and what that p**** of hers looked like but she closed the dryer door and started the drying cycle. She left the room and then came back wearing a robe. She said she didn't know if I wanted a towel to cover up with because I seemed rather comfortable getting and being naked in front of her. She said personally she didn't mind if I stayed naked. She asked if I wanted a towel or not and being that I was trying to hide the fact that I was somewhat embarrased said it didn't matter. She then said I could stay the way I was. For the next hour or so I sat fully exposed to her while she was in a robe. What made it a little more embarrasing is when she started to tell me her son is never naked around her anymore. She said I must really be comfortable with her to have my p**** and b**** and the rest of me so exposed to her. Trying to hide how embarrased I really was I told her it was no big deal when in reality I was hoping my clothes would be dry soon. I was trying to hide the strange uncomfortable feelings I was getting from her looking at me because there were times when she was outright staring and there was no question about what she was staring at.
I am waiting to see if she tells my friend about this day and what he will say to me if she does.

Oct 12, 2014

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  • What's your problem? She obviously was giving you an open invitation to f*** her brains out. But needed you to make a move. She'd already made the first move stripping in front of you.

    There was a really hot woman in our neighborhood whose husband was a fireman. He'd be gone four days at a time. She was always outside messing with her flowers etc. And all the women in the neighborhood hated her because she wore really short shorts and skimpy tube tops or tank tops that barely hid her nipples much less her big t***. She was in her mid 30's about 5-10 with I'm guessing about a 36DD-24-36 body. Blonde hair and blue eyes & very pretty. She could have been a Playboy model.

    She was always asking the young boys in the neighborhood to help her with things. And with more times than not one of her big t*** popping out. A friend of mine said he was f****** her but I didn't believe him.

    I started making it a point to hang out around her house. And going over making small talk. And before long she asks if I'd help her flip her mattress. As she pulled the covers off one of her big t*** popped out. But she acted like she didn't realize it. While flipping the mattress the other popped out and she still pretends not to notice. And they are both out as we put fresh sheets etc on the bed. Once we're finished and she's giving me a hug as she thanks me for helping her she pretends to finally notice her big t*** hanging out. She says she's sorry and I tell her not to worry about it and that I won't tell anyone. Then tell her how beautiful I'd always thought she was. Before long were both nude and she's sucking my c***. I started going over every time her husband was at work. Her sucking and f****** my brains out. Not bad for a 15yo.

  • That comment is correct. All you had to do is give one little compliment and you would have gotten a b*******!

  • The only thing you should really be embarrassed about is your inability to tell that your friend's mother wanted to have s** with you, but needed you to give some kind of a signal you wanted that too before she would risk more. All you had to have said was something like, "You have nice b******".

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