Pregnant and smoking; so what

I'm 7 months pregnant and smoke between 1 and 1 ½ packs of cigarettes every day. I read two other fairly recent posts by pregnant smokers and just couldn't believe the incredible hatred in the responses that were submitted, although in each of the posts there were also a few supporting ones. I live in West Virginia, and virtually everyone I know who is or has been pregnant smoked while pregnant. There never is a problem. My mother smoked when she had us kids, and my two sisters smoked with theirs, and this is my fourth and I smoked with all of mine. Never a problem. I seriously enjoy smoking. I started when I was 9 and am now 30, and never plan on stopping for any reason. From what I've seen, smoking does nothing bad for the fetus or I would have seen all of these defective, sick babies being born. They just all turn out just fine. Society is just all f'ed up, if you ask me. To those two earlier smoking preggos that posted, I say more power to you for continuing to enjoy yourself. Smoke away!

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  • Well shows how much of a s*** u give for your kid I guess

  • Ignore the idiots: you're one of the really sexy mothers. Congratulations!

  • Thank you. You're so kind.

  • You know your a dumb ass right?

  • Are you a complete moron? -number 1 your lungs will have enough tar to repave my driveway, and 2 you say youre not hurting your baby by smoking huh how dumb are you i feel sorry for you and the pitiful pri*k who knocked you up put down the smokes dumbass youre certainly no mother of the year, when the baby is born the doctor needs to slap you instead of the baby.

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