Smoking and pregnant

OK, so I think I'm beating a dead horse, but I think I am the fourth post about being pregnant and still smoking. 4 months, and smoking at least 1 pack a day, and don't care to quit anytime in this century. i agree with all of the previous posters on this subject; there is absolutely nothing wrong with smoking while pregnant. I've done it twice, and don't intend to change with my third child. I adore smoking and hope my children develop the addiction. I know this will upset a lot of people, but that's how I feel, and if you don't feel that way, well, f*** you.


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  • Youl be sorry when your kid has 3 legs r 2 heads r no p****

  • Good for you to keep smoking! My mother smoked heavily with all 3 of her kids and we were all just fine! Smoke as much as you want and don't worry about it! And I also agree with you about hoping your kids smoke too. Both of my girls decided at age 9 and 11 to smoke and I happily allowed them to start! They are now 13 and 15 and are totally addicted and I am proud of them for smoking!

  • You are the stupidest m*********** either. Its dipshits like you that bring dumbass kids into the world.

  • I admire your openness. I find that a lot of pregnant women still smoke, even though they say they stopped. That's what my wife did. She's a heavier smoker than you, and when she got pregnant, she told everyone she quit, and wouldn't smoke in public, but as soon as she got in the house, she smoked like a chimney. I wish she had the courage to openly smoke in public, too.

  • Thanks! If your wife gets preggo again, maybe she will have the b**** to smoke wherever and whenever she wants.

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