I was baby sitting my landlords daughter

I was renting a room upstairs in his house and when he and his wife would go somewhere he would lower my rent a little if I made sure his seven year old daughter was safe.

One day she wanted to walk to a near by store when I accidentally let out a small amount of gas. We were outside and there was a gentle breeze blowing but she apparently caught a whiff anyway. She was only a small Cambodian girl but she was very intelligent. She asked "did you fart"? She pronounced fart faaht. I was horrified and I said yes honey and I sure am sorry.

Continuing to look me directly in the eye she said simply "thats ok, everybody faahts" This made me feel even more embarrased and when we got to the store I bought her the candybar of her choice.

Shes grown now and I see talk with her on facebook. Shes married with tow kids. She got a great college education and is a nurse.

Oct 18, 2014

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  • Hahaha, my kids could tell you stories about my farts. Epic, awesome farts. I don't even care anymore, I just let loose!

  • Tell me a story plz

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