I'm never going to change. Meh.

I love destroying others. Mentally and physically. I don't care. My first boyfriend is so messed up that he hasn't had a stable relationship since we broke up. He still tries to contact me after four years, apparently he still loves me. Figures. Another person, her name is Alex. She's some loser who wouldn't mind her own business. If she had maybe she wouldn't have lost her boyfriend, maybe her parents wouldn't have sent her to the 12th floor. She was my favorite project.
There was this one guy as well. I don't remember his name, he didn't really matter. All I said to him was that I was going to use his dead father as a Halloween decoration. He got so mad, he threatened my life. It was hilarious.
I enjoy hurting others, I do. But I regret hurting my current ex. I didn't even mean to. I still love him, he meant everything to me. Maybe it's karma. I don't care though, I have a beautiful man in love with me right now. I may not love him back, but he'll do anything for me. I can work with that.

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  • I am trying to be open to positive changes.

  • I'm the first guy in your story

  • This must be shannon

  • Uhm no. My name is Ali lol

  • I have seen the product of a man that started to like destroying other men. It started in November 2001 just short of 2 months after 9/11. my husband had undergone a surgery to remove a large tumor on the top of his brain stem in July.
    When my husband came home from three and a half years gone in 1985, he was coming home to reclaim his job he was on a military leave from, I had married my husband just after his C school that's when he disappeared under water for over three years, I was diagnosed as Bi Polar and sent to live where he was coming back to, I ran into a situation I did not fully understand until last Friday, His father and his fathers friends did not want him coming home and using his UAW seniority, he was Coming home with more than 60% of the work force, They asked me and came up with a suggestion to have my husband controlled when he returned, said It was to ease him back into society and his job without causing to much disruption, The first time he tried using his seniority, I told him our marriage was on hold until he could prove he would not disrupt lives for what he wanted in shifts, jobs, vacation slots, holidays off and weekends off, In the first two days he was home the state also required him to have a guardianship, That's the first time he knew I was ill. Under state law it also locked him into the marriage as he found out four years latter when the state denied his petition for divorce.
    The intitial two years of denial by request of his father and his friends turned into a much longer time of them begging me not to allow him to touch me. I went 31 years and people became his target after 16. Cont.

  • Things seemed even after the first two years any thing he wanted to do like take a holiday of, take a vacation, or a weekend off or not work a 12 hour day, his father and others were always yelling at him about who needed the time job or shift more than he did, Several times the police were called once before 1995 he was planning to kill five men trying to force him into work. He was in the back yard telling them to keep back with an axe in his hand, It was the first of five times an officer had to beg him to do as asked and go to work, it was another 4th of July he did not get off and worked 16 hours again, then he had the brain surgery, He was supposed to take a recovery period off for 2 months, but his father and coworkers came to the door, yanked it open and I was slapped to the floor 6 days latter when I told them he was asleep, His father was the one that put me on my rear telling me he did not work standing on his head, he could recover just as well at work, He went back and two months later took a new job at a new plant. he had 23 years seniority at this time and the job was 3rd shift and wanted by others, One of the others was the son of a county commissioner, and the son of his fathers best friend, with eight years seniority. his father begged my husband not to take the job because his friend was going to run for congress, and his boy need that shift, I had known for years that my husband could care less about his fathers friend and actually had a bad disrespect for the man. I promised a normal marital life if he would remove his name off the bid , I was promptly told to drop dead, I had cried wolf with that promise before and had no intention of keeping it, I admit it hurt to be told that my word meant nothing to him, but I had broken that promise and our marriage vows. Cont.

  • Everyone has a right to enjoy their life. If you love to destroy people, you should just keep doing it, and don't give it a second thought.

  • I realize you weren't asking for any response, much less looking for this one, but I just wanted to say that your attitude is totally sexy as h***. I love you, too, just like the new guy you mentioned, and almost surely for the same reasons, and I wish I was the lucky man involved with you. Or one of the lucky MEN involved with you. You're amazing!

  • Most guys do like my attitude, I don't understand why. What makes them think I want use and abuse them as well?

  • What goes around comes around. Everybody gets old and sick and dies if they're lucky. Many good people die in pain. Sometimes as they lie dying they wonder what they ever did to deserve such agony.

    You won't have that luxury.

  • Hahahaha I don't care. People like me die happily in a sense.

  • Die b**** die

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