In love with my ex

So my ex and I recently broke up after five years together. We'd discussed marriage, children etc and now it's all gone. She apparently still has love for me, but no where near as much as she used to.

Now she's with someone new, and it breaks my heart. I realised from cutting off contact with her that I'm more in love with her now than I was previously, and she's not interested.

I feel totally worthless. FML.

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  • Sometimes its not like it is in the movies......I hear and have heard many sayings like time will heal and you'll find someone new and when you least expect it and blah blah blah. But sometimes...those things don't happen. This can be for all kinds of reasons or maybe even rare reasons but it is a sad truth or reality. Why do you think there are older single lonely men in the world or women who never remarry? I have personally been thru very bad experiences in my life in many different areas, so much I think I must have done something horrible in my past life if those exist or I am cursed. But sometimes stuff is just messed up. Some have it worse than you and some have it better and some people are just lucky. I don't really have an answer for you or anything like that just what I've wrote but I do hope those sayings at least one of them will apply to your scenario. The only thing I can really say is just something I have come to practice and its pretty logical or scientific if anything but it does apply to most everything. If you have a problem or bad experience and its horrible for you..never do it or let it happen again and at least you will have that comfort in knowing it won't. This can be your last relationship heartache or problem so that's a way to think of it but its not easy being lonely. Take care.

  • All I can say is, when you least expect it someone will come along. I was in love with my ex too for a couple yrs after (still sexually obsessed with her tho), then I met another girl who I guess I've loved too for the past 2 yrs who I now kinda hate cuz she grown into such a b****, and then a wk or 2 ago I met another girl who was younger but she looks my age. Soon as someone comes along, they'll instantly take your mind off your ex, make you feel like a new person & can start over.

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