Let it go already!

Ok, you've decided what's true for you must be true for everybody. Not so. And you can b****, moan and nag and pester it all to death, I'm never going to fit in your perspective. You think if you just nag and pester enough you can pigeonhole a person or wear them down until they admit to being and seeing it all your way. You can't!!! Why not just b****, nag and pester me to change the color of my eyes, hair, skin and to grow a foot taller?! This is it! This is how I am! Who I am! This is how I came in! So what! I can't tell if you're naive, arrogant or a little bit of both but would you please f*** the f*** off with your "everyone thinks the same like me" bullshit. Honestly, being around you is like being around someone who wants to make peepee and fart jokes in the back of class while everyone else is trying to learn calculus. Evolve, grow the f*** up or go back to kindergarten! S***! People are different for a reason, dude! You don't have to be threatened by it!!! You like to make everyone think you're this big bad ass guy but you're threatened by people merely having a different perspective than you do. Watch out everyone. We got a real bad ass over here....

Oct 28, 2014

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  • I agree completely, and I know a person exactly like the one you describe. They are exhausting and exasperating.

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