Not usually me

I'm 33 years old and would not be what I consider wild. My husband and I have had a great s** life and I get as h**** as the next person, but s** with my husband is more than enough.

I had a job interview at a place in the (unnamed) tower. The interview was on the 66th floor. I was feeling great after the interview and walked onto an elevator with about a 1/2 dozen people, not even noticing them.

Because it was almost the end of the day, we seemed to stop on every floor. By a couple of floors it was packed and I pushed backwards until I lightly felt the person behind me. As the elevator went down one more floor and felt him lean forward and like it was slow motion, felt him get hard right against my butt cheek. As more people got on, I pushed back into him, and repositioned myself so his h****** was now directly between my butt cheeks. A few more floors where people couldn't get on and eventually we hit the express part to go from floor 42 to the ground floor.

For the minute or two it took to get to the lobby, he kept thrusting lightly into my butt and I kept the rhythm with him.

As we got to bottom floor, I quickly exited and tried to loose myself in the crowd. I never looked back, I had a vision of what he looked like that I didn't want spoiled.

That evening, before my husband could even make a move I got on all fours and he moved behind me for doggie style. As he pounded me from behind, I could feel his p**** deep in my p****, but I also in my mind could feel the strangers d*** in my butt crack. I must of came 4 times before my husband exploded into me.

What a day.

Nov 3, 2014

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