Get me out of here, please

I wish I could get out of here. I wish I had the money and a car and I could just GO. I got out of the bad relationship but... I left with some of my stuff and that's it. He hassled me to death about working. I couldn't have anything of my own. So I finally got out but what next? I know from my end, I can't tell what to do. I'm in a grey area where I don't qualify for what little help is available. Every outlet they say to call that is supposed to offer help, couldn't. My mom won't help me. We always tell women to "get out". But then what? Apartments cost money, moving trucks, storage... When you've been crippled financially as a means to keep you in bondage like I was, what are you supposed to do? Nobody gives away these things for free. And, I'm not near any major city. I'm in the boonies. It's a 45 minute walk one way on a two lane road just to get to a store. I applied there. No dice. My friend is helping me but I can't rely on him and his girlfriend forever. All I know is God sees all. I sincerely wish God would drop $20,000, if not more, right in my lap right now. Because I actually really do need it. I actually need the blessing. I would get a good used car, head back to my home state, pay several months rent in advance and get some necessary furniture and living items, find a job and get busy living my life. That's all I want. God, help me find a way to do this, to make some fast cash fast. I'm ready to go home. All I want to do is just go home. Please. Amen.


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  • It's the simplest thing in the world if you are American and can make babies. Get pregnant by literally any male and you're golden. The brat doesn't even have to be out of you yet before you can start raking in ridiculous amounts of benefits and demanding special treatment wherever you go.

    All you have to do is moan the magic words "I HAVE A CHILD" and you. Are. Set.

    Any "mommy" who disagrees either blows through her benefits too quickly or doesn't know how to maximize squeezing the rest of society for it, which is extra sad because people will throw resources at you if you're dumb enough to make babies that you clearly can't take care of.

  • Oh, sweetie, I wish I could help you. I've been there myself, but right now I'm just barely making it myself. I wish all the best for you.

  • Thanks. I'll make it somehow. Something's gotta give...

  • Yes. Other people will, because you'll pout and scream and go full Karen until they do. Perpetually, until you die of old age.

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