I hat all this crap about bullying in

I hat all this crap about bullying in schools and how mean girls are to one another. I went through that s*** 20 years ago- everyone acts like this bullying s*** is brand new. If I could have got my hands on a gun I would have massacred my school. Have people just been turning a blind eye that long? Do people really think this is new? Thanks for letting me suffer in silence. You who turned your heads are just as guilty as the a******* who perpetrated it all- I think if I saw my third grade teacher I'd deck her f****** 90 year old ass for being the b**** she was.

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  • I know how you feel..It's been years now and I still wake up screaming from the nightmares..I know one should forget and forgive and just move on but somehow I don't want to forgive.I cannot honestly understand how can anyone say that bullying is not a big deal,that is just kids playing,that is't all part of growing up.I cannot understand how teachers can allow this to happen with their indifference and their silence.I'm glad I didn't have a gun then.I'm glad I don't have one now.

  • Ditto.

  • Me too.

  • I was bullied all through high school, at the time I never thought about shooting up the place and still don't but I still think that if I ran into one of those a******* I'd bash his head in.

  • No s***- sounds like the first commenter has had quite a bit of bullying himself. A loser is someone who tries to make others feel worse to make themselves feel better.

  • To the first commenter...what are six? You need to get a life outside of the internet and stop taking drugs. Do you think by making a comment like that to someone that is pouring their heart out is going to make you more of a man? You are the loser. Grow up and learn how to communicate without using profanity. I don't really think you could though. It is not in your nature as a Neanderthal do something like that.

  • Obviously you are a f****** loser then and are one now. You should kill yourself. You are extremely pathetic and haven't grown up at all. If I could see you right now, I would spit if you face and make you feel just like you did when you were a kid. GROW THE F*** UP.

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