This house makes me sick

It smells of dead rats or possums, and cockroach s***. its old and the toilets are breaking leaking smelly water everywhere. there are fruit flies everywhere and its a hot awful house. I hate living here. I can't even make the best of the s*** that is here anymore. I used to have goals but I wanted a house of my own and a marriage of my own. I wish someone had of warned me this was going to happen and tell me what to do, rather then just bully at me and make fun. there was something about J that made me feel a distrust for her. you can feel her evil since I have learnt a bit about psychology and counselling more I can see she had no idea what she was doing with me, she was just bullying and trying to find a justification for bullying me.

Dec 29, 2016

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  • So I'm wondering, is this the new normal? So-called grown people whining to get their way, finding out the real world isn't as glamorous as they expected, then whining for someone to "tell me what to do" while at the same time crying about being "bullied" every other sentence? Is thirtysomething going on 11 how it's going to be from now on? I'm not a natural a-hole, but if the precious petals around me are going to accuse me of it then I'll learn to show them what real bullying is like. Watch out for the quiet ones ;)

  • Every generation after X is going to be a bunch of precious little lords and ladies with glass egos and absolutely no clue how real life works. The first two so far have borne this out.

  • I'd put a few bucks aside each month for some home improvement projects. Just sayin'.

  • Hey now, you don't even need money to clean up after some roaches and rats. Pick up a freakin' broom

  • Pick up a broom? You mean soap and water and bucket plus broom and dust pan I spose or vacuum

  • And elbow grease

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