Revenge on my ex boss

This may belong in the work category but since its also revenge I'll just post this here.

I worked for the state and one of my bosses was some redneck j*** who had the worst temper spells I've ever witnessed in all of my working days.

Someone would do something that would set him off and hed start yelling unintelligibly. Hed go. HA LA LA HA LA LA NIN NIN NIN. His face wuld be beet red and the veins would stick out on his forehead.

He did that often. One day I asked him a simple question which is something he didn't like for people to do and he lost his temper at me. HA LA LA HA LA LA NIN NIN NIN. My nerves were shot from having to deal with this lunatic and I put in my resignation.

He was not happy with this and the two weeks notice I had put in went very slowly by.

His biggest problem was frustration and not knowing how to do the job I was supposed to be doing himself.

I finally got away from this lunatic and I went to work elsewhere. I still knew some people who worked with him

They told me that every one of the people they hired to take my place had either been fired or like me they had quit.

OK four years passed and after a few drinks after a party I decided to play a phone prank on him.

It was 2 A.M. and I called him on the phone. After about ten rings he answered the phone and I said "you eat s***" He in his redneck voice asked "Whut number you callin frum". I said "None of your damn business".

He went HA LA LA HA LA LA NIN NIN NIN after which I hung up on him.

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  • I am convinced sarina russo is in the illuminati groups with some agenda and she had a list a bit like santa claus but most were in her naughty corner she has a list and she is checking it twice she gonna find out how it feels to s*** rice!

  • Cool prank call story, best revenge ever...

  • That made me laugh so hard,especially on the redneck accent part.

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