I wish I wasn't so damnold

I was young during the hippy era before aids or herpes and after the pill. The best period in America for s**. I used to eat p****. I used to do interacial and I used to be in group s**.

Its all over now. I'm nearly seventy and I'll never turn a pretty girls head again.

When I go out for drinks I treat the young pretty girls Like daughters. I mean I never say a dirty or off color thing to them. They think I'm the sweetest, kindest old man they ever met.

If they only knew.

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  • If you have a sense you will want to turn the heads of ladies in their 50s or so. They are still younger than you. There is a lot to be said for maturity. They might even like you for who you are! Despite the fact that you are close to 70 years old and still a superficial loser.
    Nevertheless, if you are so crazy maybe you need to look at women in their 40s. Your genitals don't have eyes or a brain. Does your head??!!

  • Age is just a number, unless you're combing the high schools and then then you risk being handcuffed. In some respects, it makes sense that if you date or socialize with people who are much younger than you, you feel youthful again. But there are drawbacks too. Younger people have a different reference point for some things or they just cant relate to things you currently enjoy doing. And that's okay.. They are just starting out, it's all relative. There is something to be said for someone who is older. You've lived a very full and rich life and have so many stories to share, experience behind you, and you're comfortable with who you are. And stop saying you're old. So you've had more birthdays than someone else, that doesn't mean you have to feel old. And the alternative is not an option. There are 70 year olds who act like their 92 because their bodies have given out. Look, chances are you're not going to turn a 20 year old's head..not many are into dating someone the same age as their grandpa. Who knows there may be one..You may however, find someone in their late 30's or 40s or 50's. If you're looking to date, get out there and find someone who you have something in common with and you have a real connection. You are where you are. If 40 is the new 30. So 70 is the new 60. Embrace where you are in life. There is always someone younger and someone older. It's about how you feel. And there are some 70 year olds who still turn heads.. Harrison Ford for one. (Hello!).

  • We all know what oldies are really like .... they go on about it for weeks if a girl smiles at them

  • Some girls like oldies - i know i do :)

  • Only the ones with money who are so grateful to so much as see a b*** that they spoil you like Daddy never did. Whores be whores :)

  • It is. I know some men my age who can't get it up. I can get it up but who wants to do s** with an old buzzard lke me? I just let it go.

  • I always thought s** was less fun when you get older

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