My stepdad molested me

My stepfather molested me when I was about 6 to 9 years old. He would touch me in my sleep. I have very faint memories. When I would fell asleep on the couch. He would touch me. He would come into my room in the middle of the night and touch me. I even have a memory of him watching me pee. I lived my life acting like nothing happened. I moved out when I was 18. And now I'm 7 months pregnant. And I realized, I don't want my child around him! So I finally came clean to my mom with the help of my supportive boyfriend.

she doesn't believe me...
she said I was trying to rip her family apart.
my mother picked her boyfriend over me, her own daughter.
she broke me heart and I can never forgive her.

I told her, that me and my daughter couldn't be apart of her life anymore.
she didn't fight me.. She was totally ok with me walking out of her life.

this happened 2 months ago and I haven't heard from her sense.


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  • As others have said it sadly happens more than you think. I know also of a family in which a boyfriend molested several female children. The family still kept the boyfriend around.

    It's really sad when you have to choose between your parent and your own family. Hard as it is you made the right decision. You have to protect your child from this predator. Maybe someday your mother will realize what a horrible mistake she made. Or maybe she will choose to live in blissful denial the rest of her life. It's her decision. You have yourself to take care of and your child to protect. Just tell yourself over and over that she made the decision, not you. Also do your best to help yourself by finding a survivors support group to talk to.

  • is a great organization. Help you deal with the trauma. So very sad when a parent chooses the predator over any child. All you can do is take care of yourself and your child and surround yourself with positive people.

  • This happens more often than youd think. Bear in mind that hed deny it and it would be his word against yours. Still if I were you I'd tell the police.

    The same thing happened to me when I was a child.

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