Smoking while pregnant

I am 7 months pregnant, and I have been smoking during my whole pregnancy. I feel so guilty but my addiction gets the best of me. I know I should quit for my baby and her health. But I just can't stop!
everytime I tell me boyfriend in quitting he convinces me to get another pack because we share.
he is enabling me..

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  • *(from previous poster) sexier

  • KEEP SMOKING! There is nothing Sevier than a pregnant woman who is a heavy smoker!

  • F*** what everyone says. Stop worrying and keep smoking. I had 4 kids with two husbands and smoked like a chimney with all 4 pregnancies and they all turned out perfect.

  • My mother in law smoked with 4 kids too and they turned out fine.

  • Stuff like this is exactly why I cringe every time I see someone with a big pregnant belly. Almost everyone who gets themselves knocked up is miles from being mature enough for child rearing. Also: my mother smoked for her whole pregnancy and I came out with a birth defect and innate addiction to nicotine, I've never touched a cigarette but I want one every time I smell one and I know I can't take a single puff or I'll be hooked for life. Just think about that for a second, that's what you're doing to your kid.

  • When I first got pregnant I quit smoking altogether. Then a few weeks later I noticed that my boyfriend was paying more attention to my girlfriends who were all still smoking. A lot more attention. I didn't say anything to him but I just figured I wasn't going to lose him to another girl just because she smoked and I didn't. I mean if she out-f***** me or something like that, or if she got implants or ink for him, well that would be on me. But I wasn't going to give up over some cigarettes. So I started smoking again, and the baby was fine. So there......

  • Actually, I am the woman who posted the last one on this subject, and this one was posted by someone else. To the woman posting this, here is my advice: you're at 7 months. Only 2 months to go. Don't worry about it any longer, and enjoy your smokes.

  • Honestly, I think what you're doing is sexy. I love seeing a pregnant woman lighting up.

  • STOP POSTING THIS S*** Its been posted 7 times stop looking for attention ya stupid fu*king liar, if anyone is reading this please DONT RESPOND TO THIS THREAD

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