That I have dreams that come true. It started when I was about 8 and dreamed of living in this house near the woods. We were having a nice little get together that day and it was on the deck. I could recognize almost everyone there. Except for this little girl who had run over to me and hugged me around my middle. I could not place her face, but she knew me and smiled. I remember asking who she was, and she had said, "I'm you're sister silly" and ran off again. I woke with a start. I had only one little sister, and my parents were not expecting any more any time soon. I told my mother but she just laughed it off. For years it stuck with me until around 10 when my parents told us Mom was expecting and it would be a little girl. Instantly I got chills, but it wasn't the whole dream though. Right? Flash forward 2 more years. Here my parents decided it was time to move out of our home and to somewhere new. For about 2 months or so they looked until they found the perfect house. That night I dreamt I was in a bedroom. There was a lamp with 5 shades and 3 dark brown dressers. I was leaning over to get something while my older sister was yelling at me. I looked up into the window and saw an older version of my face. Again, I woke with a start. And again I told my Mom only to have her say not to worry about it. I shook it off and tried to go on with my life. I pushed my dreams behind me and focused on moving. To a house... By the woods...With a large deck... I couldn't believe it. I tried to remind my mom of what I told her years before, but of course she didn't remember. A month before labor day, my dad announced we would be having a barbecue. On that day, everyone was outside on the deck having a good time. I was standing off to the side of the deck and watching. It was like a movie. Everything I had dreamt was happening right before my eyes. My uncle laughing at that joke, knowing what my dad was going to say before he said it. And of course Shannon. Just like the replay of years before, she had come up after chasing my other sister in tag and hugged me around my waist. "Who are you" was out of my mouth before I could stop it. And her response? "You're sister silly" and off she went again. It was like an overload of craziness and I could do nothing but sit with my head in my hands. After that, I hadn't had many dreams of ,well, anything. Every night I suppose I dreamt but I never remembered any of them. 3 years later, I finally dreamed. But it was the scariest of them all. Because in that dream, I died. I was sitting in the passenger side seat of an SUV. It had dark, grey, leather interior. I was looking out the window and contemplating whether or not it would rain. The sky was greyish white, so it was overcast. We were in an intersection crossing right where we were supposed to. My pondering was cut short as a dark silver car sped right towards my window. It made impact and I slammed my head off the seat beside me. Then everything went white. And up with a start I was. I try to shake it off but it scares me deeply. Flash forward a couple months. My sister and I are in a heated debate over who cleans the room and why it is always a wreck. I lean down in front of my lamp to grab something and bend back up to meet my reflection in the window. Automatically I'm hit with deja vu and the dream comes back full force, as if I had just woken up from it. I had to sit down, it was so strong. I really am wondering what is wrong with me. It's been happening even more recently. Deja vu moments lasting almost as long as 5 minutes. Whole conversations where I know who will be saying what and the exact words they are going to say. Meeting the person I dreamt about 3 months before. I am so conflicted and so scared. So whoever is reading this, I confessed today. I am 16 and I think I am too young to die. But every dream I have comes true. What do you think?

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  • Hello, love :)
    My name is not important but I will tell you that I'm 18.
    I have been having these 'dreams' since the early age of 6.
    They were more severe then but I've found they've died down a little. My mother experiences them as well but hers are rarer. I find that often when I concentrate and ask, I can see things while I'm awake. There is a way to control them, and you will find me, I know it, you'll see an image, call it a gut feeling.
    I don't know you, and it's often hard for me to dream of those I haven't met, but I just had a sudden image of your house, room, you.
    I will tell you this; I find when I voice my dreams, sometimes they don't come true. Some heed warnings and things change.
    If you survive the crash, and there's a good chance you will, then your dreams will become more frequent to the point that you'll think you're going mad. You might also fracture your leg.
    That's when you'll find me. Don't be afraid, and good luck.

  • This happens to me aswell. It's terribly horrifying. I will say this. For me not all of them come true, maybe about 90%.I also get day dreams that come true aswell. I keep most of it to myself and don't tell people about it. The few I've told think it's nuts but I ignore them. I also have a really tough time in religious buildings. Immediately start sweating and can't breathe. I don't know what it is but I know it's not fun. Sorry you have to deal With it.

    I've seen my kids faces before they were born. Knee the exact age I would get married and when my best friend would die at age 11.

  • Just because everything went white doesn't mean u died. U could have just been knocked out or something. And u could always try to do little things to change it... Drive your own car or avoid SUVs or whatever but I think we have heard enough like this for the "fate cannot be avoided" thing to become familiar.
    There is no point in being scared though, if happens- it will happen. If anything, isn't this an incentive to do things?
    Since like any other person, u don't know exactly when this will occur or absolutely certain it will.
    A lot of people die too young. Think about what u will miss if u do die soon and do those. If u have to die, at least u won't have regrets...

  • You've got a gift. Not many people can see into the future. If you really did forsee your death, then perhaps you should try and notice anything from the dream that would tell you when it was, your age, where you were going. Perhaps you're seeing this for a reason. Not many people know when they are going to die. If you're religious, pray about it. If not, then you can always meditate to help you cope with your emotions. Do something useful with your life while you still can. I've heard of people seeing into the future, its a very spiritually advanced gift. Don't listen to the people being weird, they just don't know about these things.

  • Call devin sawa too much final destination

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