Roommate Turning Me Into a Racist

Let's start this off by saying I'm sorry if I offended anyone reading this. Secondly, f*** you if you're offended this is my confession go be a butthurt in your own confession.

So I have this roommate in an apartment init with two other guys. Kost of us get along quite well. My only problem in the house is the one roommate who has no basic etiquette, sense of responsibility, and cleaniness. The roommate (we'll call him Dan) is fromChina. I must clarify now that I am not a racist before meeting this person, and I am an Asian international student so don't bring that anti-America bullshit here. We're in Canada. Dan here must be one of thise rich spoilt kid, because it's obvious his parents never bothered to teach him the basics of respect and politeness. Some of the s*** Dan does include: talking loudly on the phone from 1 to 3 am, eating up grocery the rest of us paid for, not keepig track of his own trash and never cleaning up after himself, using other people's possessiob without asking, smoking in an otherwise no-smoking house (at least one other roommmate smokes but does so outside) and leaving smoke ashes and butts around, frequently bringing his friends over which are not better than him. I have tried to confront him twice and both ends up with me being the apparant bad guy for giving a f***. Dan is also a b**** on account of his talkimg s*** behind my back tactics to ein the love and trust of what he deemed the superior white roommates. His overall personality is terrible, a chubby shut-in who playes video games whenever home (I'm a gamer too but he makes it just embarassing), likes to spout about WWII and military s*** (especially in front of our German roommate, nice), and is one of those Asian that try too hard to win the love of white people.

I'm sorry to judge an entire nation of people based on one s*******, but it's gettimg unbearable. I'm sure there are nice, respectable and polite Chinese, plenty. If so please for God's sake come and lecture Dan.

TL;DR Roommate is a spoilt ill mannered Chinese

Nov 14, 2014

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  • All you stupid chinks suck go back to ur nasty country

  • Hahahahahahah that sucks dude he sounds like f***** idiot why do ur roomates like him?

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