I divorced my wife after she miscarried

I received word that my wife was having an affair with an old flame of hers. I investigated and discovered my source was telling the truth.

Then she told me she was pregnant. Well I wasn't sure if I was the father or not.

One day while at work she started having problems. She had to go to the hospital and before i was able to get to her she had lost the baby.

I waited for her to heal and then I told her I was going to leave her. I told her I knew she was having an affair with another man and that since I would never know who the father of the baby was I was going to make sure that if she ever got pregnant again the baby would not be mine.

I got a lawyer and we went our separate ways. We split everything down the middle and she received no alimony.

I heard on the grapevine that she had married a guy who had mental problems and had to take a row of pills just to keep his sanity. I doubt if he can perform sexually and I bet shes doing s** with the same guy she was having an affair with when were together.

I might tell him and I might not.

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  • Idk, s** and love are two different things, and it's possible to love more than one person at a time. This exclusivity thing is really overrated. I have a fiance and a girlfriend and the fiancee is the perfect wife and the girlfriend is the perfect buddy. Honestly if I was only seeing one of them I would get bored, the girlfriend I mostly party with and the fiancee doesn't drink or do drugs but they're both wonderful in their respective ways. The fiancee is pretty sure I'm messing around with the girlfriend and the girlfriend knows about the fiance.

    I used to beleive in a monogamous world but then eventually my perspective changed. I like a girl because I like the girl, not because I own her p**** and can keep it all to myself.

  • some women just need more than one man. its a fact. you shouldnt of left her.

  • F****** b**** had it coming......

  • To the poster below me. Are you f****** kidding me? I didn't want to support another mans baby and I don't want another mans VD. I'll never regret divorcing this disloyal b****.

  • I'm certain it seems that way to you now, but one day -- probably soon -- you'll realize what you had with your wife and you'll realize you can't replace it (sexually) with another woman, and you'll beg her to come back, even with all the illegitimate children she'll have with her. Mark my words: you'll start aching for that hot, nasty p**** and nothing will keep you from going out and getting it back. Permanently.

  • A lot of guys would LOVE to be married to a woman even half as sexual as yours. You made a HUGE mistake letting her go, and you will eventually regret it.

  • Don't tell him. It does you no good. Leave the past in the past.

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