I am not ashamed to admit that I have

I am not ashamed to admit that I have raped my single Mum Jan for almost two years non stop I have forced Jan to have s** with me daily since the day I turned twelve years old. I had decided that I wanted to have my Mum for my twelfth birthday present so I started to bully Jan I was punching and hitting Jan and I totally beat her up. Next I got Jan pinned down on her bed and as I was holding Jan down I tore off her skirt and knickers and I quickly got my now fully erect c*** out of my trousers and I forced it inside my Mum's waiting p**** well Jan was crying and sobbing now as she begged and pleaded with me to stop abusing her. I just laughed at her I now knew that I had totally broken Jan and she was utterly powerless to stop me taking her whenever I liked. That night I moved into Jan 's bed full time and I was soon forcing Jan to have s** four or five times a day during the week and at least eight times a day at weekends I know that in the two years I've been bonking her brains out I have f***** Jan more four and half thousand times and I don't have any intention of stopping in fact lam now actually planning to stop Jan taking the contraceptive pill because I find pregnant women totally sexy and to me getting my Mum pregnant is the biggest turn on ever

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  • that turns me on

  • This is the most fake confession I have read in a long time. Nice Job!?!

  • you suck

  • Ur age should have been in and around twenty, then i could have trusted this bullshit. however, make ur dream come true when u r a man. I have 2 sisters who are indeed my daughters. Remember, SEXIEST S** IS INCEST BETWEEN MOTHER AND SON.

  • kino wewe

  • twattt

  • Barf....

  • do u know a tribe called maasai?they wunt buy this 1 either.

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