Walk in Clinic - Wife and MIL

I was out with my wife and her mother once and wasn’t feeling too good. When I began to get light headed and felt even worse they decided to take me to a walk in clinic. We were taken into an examination room and were told the doctor would be in soon. I was handed a gown and was asked to strip out of everything but leave my underwear on. My wife helped me get undressed and my mother in law stayed in the room and watched. She saw me in my underwear briefly before my wife threw the gown on me. It was a little embarrassing to have her see me in my underwear that day as I was wearing a pair that was a little skimpier than what I usually wore. Finally the doctor came in and asked who the 2 ladies were. My wife replied saying they were my wife and mother. He asked if I wanted them to leave for my examination and I told him they could stay. He did his exam and during one part had me lay down on the table. He lifted my gown up to my chest, so now I was exposed again with my mother in law seeing me in my underwear again. The doctor had me roll onto my front and removed my underwear fully. The gown was open in back so now my whole back side was exposed, including my bare ass, to everyone including my mother in law. He then had me roll back onto my back and at least now the gown had me and my front covered. He continued his exam which required him lifting the gown back up to my chest. Since I had no underwear on my front was fully exposed. My mother in law was seeing a part of me that she had never seen before. He then told them it may have been something I ate and I could just take some aspirin and sleep it off. He said he noticed a little redness on my inner thigh but now that he examined it he thought there was nothing to worry unless it gets worse. He then proceeded to show me, and them, what he was taking about. My wife and her mother came in for a closer look which had both of them about a foot away from what I have hanging between my legs. There was no doubt that my mother in law had seen it now and had been treated to a very close up of view of it too. I think the doctor thought the woman there was my birth mother and not my mother in law because he asked her if I had anything like this when I was younger. She said she would not know because she is just my mother in law. The doctor had a shocked look on his face and said he thought she was my mother. He said we don’t normally allow in-laws in the room but we were done. He said I could get dressed as he left the room quickly.

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  • Haha that was funny man

  • OK so .......

  • So brother, what a deal??u wanna take it further with MIL?

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