I'm sorry Mary

I was dating different girls when I met you. We both had our own apartments and when we were introduced I thought you were cute.

You actually were kind of cute and very nice.

Unfortunantly for you I wasn't so nice. You were honest and upfront with me about your strong religious values. No s** until marriage. I wanted to stop dating you but my reason made me ashamed of myself

I wanted a girl I could have regular s** with. After a few dates I quit calling you but after three weeks you called me and asked me to go to a Kenny Rogers concert with you.

You were supposed to have free tickets but something didn't work out and you ended up having to pay. I was at least gallant enough to pay my half of the fee.

Then I never called you again. You must have sensed this and you didn't call me either. The beak up was for our own good. We had very different philosophys.

Its been many years ago and using the internet I have discovered you never married. Was s** even with a husband so disgusting to you?

Your a good woman in a bad world. I dearly hope everything works out for you.

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